This following list features recent publications, sorted alphabetically by faculty name. Click each name for more publications and profile information, or visit the Faculty and Staff page for all profiles.

Melody Bowdon

Waldrop, Julee, and Melody A. Bowdon, eds. Best Practices for Flipping the College Classroom. New York: Routledge, 2015.
Bowdon, Melody, Stacey Pigg and Melissa Pompos“Feminist Ethics and Service-Learning Site Selection: The Role of Empathy.” Accepted for publication in Feminist Teacher, 2014. 

Bowdon, Melody. “The Risks and Rewards of Being a Faculty Member Without A Class.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Tampa, FL. March 2015. Conference Paper.

Bowdon, Melody. “The Risks and Rewards of Reaching Beyond our Own Classrooms.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Tampa, FL. March 2015. Roundtable Presentation.

Martha Catherine Brenckle

Publication Image
Hard Letters and Folded Wings. Finishing Line Press, 2019.

“The Story of Fox Girl: Writing Queer about/in Imaginary Spaces.”  Sexual Rhetorics. Johnathan Alexander and Jacqueline Rhodes, eds. New York: Routledge, 2015.

“The Mills, Fall River, Massachusetts”; “The Invention of Triage”; “Aiding the Rebellion”;“Amelia Earhart”; and “Necessary Work.” Lost Coast Review 5.2 (Winter 2014): 12-18. Print.

Brandy Dieterle

Dieterle, Brandy. (2017). From teaching to tutoring: Listening to my inner teacher. Communication Center Journal, 3(1), 168-169. Retrieved from
Dieterle, Brandy. (2017). Adopting critical ethical practices in research on gender and embodiment. In Digital Rhetoric Collaborative. Retrieved from

Dustin W. Edwards

Edwards, Dustin, and Bridget Gelms. “The Rhetorics of Platforms,” Special Issueof Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society, vol. 6, no. 3, 2018. 
Gelms, Bridget, and Dustin Edwards. “A Technofeminist Approach to Platform Rhetorics.” Computers and Composition Online. Special issue on “Technofeminism: (Re)Generations and Intersectional Futures.” Eds. Jacqueline Rhodes, Angela Haas, and Danielle Nicole DeVoss. March 2019. 
Edwards, Dustin W. "Circulation Gatekeepers: Unbundling the Platform Politics of YouTube's Content ID." Computers and Composition 47 (2018): 61-74.
Edwards, Dustin. “On Circulatory Encounters: The Case for Tactical Rhetorics.” enculturation: a Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture, vol. 25, 2017, 

Marcy L Galbreath

“Sponsors of Agricultural Literacies: Intersections of Institutional and Local Knowledge in a Farming Community.” Community Literacy Journal 10.1 Special Issue, Community Food Literacies. Autumn 2015.
“Teaching the Repulsive Memorial.” 171-84. With Barry Jason Mauer, John Venecek, Amy Larner Giroux, Patricia Carlton, and Valerie Kasper. In Pedagogies of Public Memory: Teaching Writing and Rhetoric at Museums, Archives, and Memorials, Ed. Laurie Grobman and Jane Greer. New York: Routledge, 2015.

Nathan Holic

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The Things I Don't See. By Nathan Holic. Charlotte, NC: Main Street Rag Publishing, 2015.

Jamila Kareem

Kareem, Jamila. "A Critical Race Analysis of Transition-Level Writing Curriculum to Support the Racially Diverse Two-Year College." Teaching English in the Two-Year College, vol. 46, no. 4, 2019, pp. 271-296.
Kareem, Jamila M. "Transitioning Counter-stories: Black Student Accounts of Transitioning to College Writing." Journal of College Literacy and Learning, vol. 44, 2018.

Barbara Rau Kyle

“Writing for Publication in English as a Second Language: Working in Shanghai with Engineering Graduate Students.” Florida College English Association 2015 Conference. St. Petersburg, Florida, October 8, 2015.
"Writing Papers for Publication in English.” Tongji University. Shanghai, China, May 26, 2015.

Laurie A. Pinkert

“Developing Accounts of Instructor Learning: Recognizing the Impacts of Service-Learning Pedagogies on Writing Teachers.” With Kendall Leon and Kathryn Trauth Taylor. Composition Studies 45.1.

Melissa Pompos Mansfield

Bowdon, Melody, Stacey Pigg, and Lissa Pompos Mansfield. “Feminine and Feminist Ethics and Service-Learning Site Selection: The Role of Empathy.” Feminist Teacher 24.1/2 (2015): 57-82. Print.

Mansfield, Lissa. “Chapter 3: Citation.” UCF Writes: A Handbook for Writing at the University of Central Florida. Eds. Matthew Bryan, Nathan Holic, Lissa Mansfield, Adele Richardson, Nichole Stack, Jacob Stewart, and Kevin Roozen. Fountainhead Press, 2016. 85-118. Print. 

Bowdon, Melody, Lissa Pompos Mansfield, and Julee B. Waldrop. “Conclusion: Reflecting on the Flipping Experience.” Best Practices for Flipping the College Classroom. Ed. Julee B. Waldrop and Melody A. Bowdon. Routledge, 2015. Print.

Kevin Roozen

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Roozen, Kevin and Joe Erickson. Expanding Literate Landscapes: Persons, Practices, and Sociohistoric Perspectives of Disciplinary Development. Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital P/Utah State UP, 2017. Web.

Roozen, Kevin. “Reflective Interviewing: Methodological Moves for Tracing Tacit Knowledge and Challenging Tacit Chronotopic Representations.” A Rhetoric of Reflection, edited by Kathleen Blake Yancey, Utah State University Press, 2016, pp. 250-267.
Roozen, Kevin, Rebecca Woodard, Sonia Kline, and Paul Prior. "The Transformative Potential of of Laminating Trajectories: Three Teachers' Developing Pedagogical Practices." Working with Academic Literacies: Case Studies Towards Transformative Practice. Ed. Theresa Lillis, Kathy Harrington, Mary Lea, and Sally Mitchell. Fort Collins, CO: The WAC Clearinghouse. 2015. 205-215.

Roozen, Kevin. “Texts Get Their Meaning From Other Texts.” Naming What We Know: Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies. Linda Adler-Kassner and Elizabeth Wardle (Eds.). Logan, UT: Utah State University Press, 2015. 44-47.

Angela R. Rounsaville

Rounsaville, Angela. “Worlding Genres through Lifeworld Analysis: New Directions for Genre Pedagogy and Uptake Awareness.” Composition Forum 37 (Fall 2017).
Rounsaville, Angela. “Genre Repertoires from Below: How one Student Built a Writing Life across Generations, Borders, and Communities.” Research in the Teaching of English 51.3 (February 2017): 317-340.


Rounsaville, Angela. “Taking Hold of Global Englishes: Intensive English Programs as Brokers of Transnational Literacy.” Journal of Literacy in Composition Studies 13.3 (October 2015): 67-85.

Joel Schneier

Schneier, J., Stinson, T., & Davis, M. (2018). Networked Browsing: Performative, Joyous Browsing and the case of BigDIVA. Digital Humanities Quarterly, 12(2).
Schneier, J., & Kudenov, P. (2018). Texting in Motion: Keystroke logging and observing synchronous mobile discourse. Mobile Media & Communication, 6(3), 309-330.
Schneier, J., & Taylor, N. (2018). Hand-Crafted Gameworlds: Minecraft Pocket Edition and Mobile Gameplay. New Media & Society, 20(9), 3420-3436.

Blake Scott

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Meloncon, Lisa, and J. Blake Scott, eds. Methodologies for the Rhetoric of Health & Medicine. Routledge, 2017.
Scott, J. Blake, and Lisa Meloncon. "Writing and Rhetoric Majors, Disciplinarity, and Techne." Composition Forum, vol. 35, 2017, Web.
Malkowski, Jennifer, J. Blake Scott, and Lisa Keranen. "Rhetorical Approaches to Health and Medicine." Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication, edited by Jon F. Nussbaum, Oxford UP, 2016, Web.
Wardle, Elizabeth, and J. Blake Scott. "Defining and Developing Expertise in a Writing and Rhetoric Department." WPA: Writing Program Administration, vol. 39, no. 1, 2015, pp. 72-93.

Stephanie Vie

“Games in Technical Communication.” Special issue of Technical Communication Quarterly 25.3 (2016, Fall). Print. co-edited with Jennifer deWinter.

Because Facebook: Digital Rhetoric/Social Media.” Special issue of Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy 19.3 (2015, May). Web. co-edited with Douglas Walls.
“Effective Social Media Use in Online Writing Classes through Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Principles.”Computers and Composition, vol. 49, 2018, pp. 61-70.
DeAnda, Michael, Jennifer deWinter, Chris Hanson, Carly A. Kocurek, and Stephanie Vie. “‘Families, Friendship, and Feelings’: American Girl, Authenticating Experiences, and the Transmediation of Girlhood. Journal of Popular Culture, vol. 51, no. 4, 2018, pp. 972-996.