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Martha Catherine Brenckle

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Hard Letters and Folded Wings. Finishing Line Press, 2019.

Jeremy M. Carnes

Carnes, Jeremy. "'She thinks of the color of her skin, and of Chicago streets': The Cityscape and Native American Identity in the Poetry of Joy Harjo," Studies in the Humanities, vol. 42, 2015.
Carnes, Jeremy M. "Deep Time and Vast Place: Visualizing Land/Water Relations Across Time and Space in Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection." in Graphic Indigeneity: Comics in the Americas and Australasia. Ed. Frederick Aldama. University Press of Mississippi, 2020.
Carnes, Jeremy M. "'The Original Enchantment': Whiteness, Indigeneity, and Representational Logics in The New Mutants" in Unstable Masks: Whiteness and American Superhero Comics. Eds. Sean Guynes and Martin Lund. The Ohio State University Press, 2020

Hartwell Taylor Davis

Davis, Hartwell Paul. Restoring the Fivefold Ministry, 2nd Edition: Avoiding the Pastoral Supremacy Syndrome. Meadville, PA: Christian Faith Publishing, 2019. Print

Brandy Dieterle

Dieterle, Brandy. (2017). From teaching to tutoring: Listening to my inner teacher. Communication Center Journal, 3(1), 168-169. Retrieved from
Dieterle, Brandy. (2017). Adopting critical ethical practices in research on gender and embodiment. In Digital Rhetoric Collaborative. Retrieved from

Dustin W. Edwards

Edwards, Dustin, and Bridget Gelms. “The Rhetorics of Platforms,” Special Issueof Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society, vol. 6, no. 3, 2018. 
Edwards, Dustin. “Digital Rhetoric on a Damaged Planet: Storying Digital Damage as Inventive Response to the Anthropocene.” Rhetoric Review, vol. 30, no. 1, 2020.
Gelms, Bridget, and Dustin Edwards. “A Technofeminist Approach to Platform Rhetorics.” Computers and Composition Online. Special issue on “Technofeminism: (Re)Generations and Intersectional Futures.” Eds. Jacqueline Rhodes, Angela Haas, and Danielle Nicole DeVoss. March 2019. 
Edwards, Dustin W. "Circulation Gatekeepers: Unbundling the Platform Politics of YouTube's Content ID." Computers and Composition 47 (2018): 61-74.

Nathan Holic

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Bright Lights, Medium-Sized City. Burrow Press (2019).

Jamila Kareem

Kareem, Jamila M. "Independent Black Institutions and Rhetorical Literacy Education: A Unique Voice of Color." Literacy in Composition Studies, vol. 8, no. 1, 2020,
Kareem, Jamila. "A Critical Race Analysis of Transition-Level Writing Curriculum to Support the Racially Diverse Two-Year College." Teaching English in the Two-Year College, vol. 46, no. 4, 2019, pp. 271-296.
Kareem, Jamila M. "Transitioning Counter-stories: Black Student Accounts of Transitioning to College Writing." Journal of College Literacy and Learning, vol. 44, 2018.
Kareem, Jamila M. "Sustained Communities for Sustained Learning: Connecting Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy to WAC Learning Outcomes." Diverse Approaches to Teaching, Learning, and Writing Across the Curriculum: IWAC at 25, edited by Lesley Erin Bartlett et al. WAC Clearinghouse, 2020.

Laurie A. Pinkert

Pinkert, L.A. & Leon, K., (2020) “Heuristic Tracing and Habits for Learning: Developing Generative, Reflective Strategies for Understanding Service learning.” Reflections: A Journal of Community Engaged Writing and Rhetoric 19.2, Fall-Winter 2019-2020.
Leon, K., Pinkert, L.A., & Taylor, K. T. (2017) “Developing Accounts of Instructor Learning: Recognizing the Impact of Service-Learning Pedagogies on Writing Teachers.” Composition Studies 45.1.
Pinkert, L.A. (2020) “Snapshots, Frameworks, and Infrastructures: A Survey of Graduate Writing.” Graduate Writing Across the Disciplines: Identifying, Teaching, and Supporting, Eds. Elena Garcia, Katie Manthey, Marilee Brooks Gilles, Soo Hyon Kim, Trixie G. Smith. Parlor Press and WAC Clearinghouse 

Melissa Pompos Mansfield

Mansfield, Lissa. “Chapter 3: Citation.” UCF Writes: A Handbook for Writing at the University of Central Florida. Eds. Matthew Bryan, Nathan Holic, Lissa Mansfield, Adele Richardson, Nichole Stack, Jacob Stewart, and Kevin Roozen. Fountainhead Press, 2016. 85-118. Print. 

Sherry Robertson

Lockard, Joe, and Sherry Rankins-Robertson (Eds.) Prison Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning with Imprisoned Writers. Syracuse University Press.(2018).
Behm, Nicholas, Sherry Rankins-Robertson, and Duane Roen. (Eds.) Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing: Scholarship and Applications. Parlor Press. (2017).
Rankins-Robertson, Sherry, Angela Clark Oates, and Nicholas Behm. “Reviewing a Career of Scholarly Innovation, Mentorship, and Service: An Interview with Duane H. Roen” WPA: Writing Program Administration at Forty (Special Issue). 42.3: 36-43. (Summer 2019).
Rankins-Robertson, Sherry. Complex Lives, Complicated Literacies: Writing Programs in Higher Education-Prison Partnerships” WPA: Writing Program Administration. (Spring 2019) 42.2: 166-174. 

Kevin Roozen

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Roozen, Kevin and Joe Erickson. Expanding Literate Landscapes: Persons, Practices, and Sociohistoric Perspectives of Disciplinary Development. Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital P/Utah State UP, 2017. Web.

Matthew Bryan, Nichole Stack, Nathan Holic, Lissa Mansfield, Adele Richardson, Jacob Stewart, and Kevin Roozen, eds. UCF Writes: A Handbook for Writing at the University of Central Florida, Fountainhead Press, 2016.
Roozen, Kevin.“Coming to Act with Tables: Tracing the Laminated Trajectories of an Engineer-in-the-Making.” Learning, Culture, and Social Interaction. Special Issue. Writing Across: Tracing Transliteracies as Becoming over Time, Space, and Settings, vol. 24, 2020. pp 1-12.
Roozen, Kevin.Addressing the Futurity of Literate Action: Tracing the Enduring Consequences of Acting with Inscriptions throughout the Lifeworld.” Approaches to Lifespan Writing Research: Generating an Actionable Coherence, Eds. Ryan Dippre and Talinn Phillips. WAC Clearinghouse, 2020. pp 225-246.

Angela R. Rounsaville

Rounsaville, Angela. “Worlding Genres through Lifeworld Analysis: New Directions for Genre Pedagogy and Uptake Awareness.” Composition Forum 37 (Fall 2017).
Rounsaville, Angela. “Genre Repertoires from Below: How one Student Built a Writing Life across Generations, Borders, and Communities.” Research in the Teaching of English 51.3 (February 2017): 317-340.


Rounsaville, Angela. “Taking Hold of Global Englishes: Intensive English Programs as Brokers of Transnational Literacy.” Journal of Literacy in Composition Studies 13.3 (October 2015): 67-85.

Joel Schneier

Schneier, J., Stinson, T., & Davis, M. (2018). Networked Browsing: Performative, Joyous Browsing and the case of BigDIVA. Digital Humanities Quarterly, 12(2).
Schneier, J., & Taylor, N. (2018). Handcrafted gameworlds: Space-time biases in mobile Minecraft play. New Media & Society, 20(9), 3420–3436.
Schneier, J., & Kudenov, P. (2018). Texting in motion: Keystroke logging and observing synchronous mobile discourse. Mobile Media & Communication, 6(3), 309–330.
Schneier, J. (2020). “You Broke Minecraft”: Hybrid play and the materialization of game spaces through mobile Minecraft Play. In de Souza e Silva, A., & Glover-Rijkse (Eds.), Hybrid Play: Crossing boundaries in game design, player identities, and play spaces. Routledge.

Blake Scott

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Meloncon, Lisa, and J. Blake Scott, eds. Methodologies for the Rhetoric of Health & Medicine. Routledge, 2017.
Scott, J. Blake, and Laurie A. Pinkert. “Integrative Techne, Transdisciplinary Learning, and Writing Program Design.” College English, 2020, pp. 492-506.
Scott, J. Blake, and Lisa Meloncon. "Writing and Rhetoric Majors, Disciplinarity, and Techne." Composition Forum, vol. 35, 2017, Web.
Malkowski, Jennifer, J. Blake Scott, and Lisa Keranen. "Rhetorical Approaches to Health and Medicine." Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication, edited by Jon F. Nussbaum, Oxford UP, 2016, Web.