Writing and Rhetoric Department:College of Arts and Humanities

Minor in Writing and Rhetoric

The 18-hour Minor in Writing and Rhetoric is best suited for students planning to enter writing-intensive professions such as law, publishing and editing, journalism, public relations, marketing, communications management, and new media development.

Program Mission

The Minor in Writing and Rhetoric prepares students to rhetorically analyze, effectively participate in, and critically reflect about writing experiences in their disciplines, professional workplaces, and community and civic environments.

Students in the minor

  • Gain and apply historical and theoretical knowledge about rhetoric and writing
  • Develop rhetorical and writing-related competencies and habits of mind that support effective and ethical communication in the twenty-first century

Key Features

  • Only one required core course (ENC 3331)
  • Only prereq for all courses is ENC 1102
  • Writing-intensive courses in any major can count toward the minor
  • Self-directed program—students choose among a variety of courses
  • Students develop a compelling e-portfolio of writing to share with potential employers

More Information

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