Meet The Staff

Pamela Gores

Pamela is a junior at UCF, and is majoring in writing and rhetoric and minoring in creative writing. She wishes to one day work as a copy editor for a magazine. When she isn't typing away on her laptop, you can find her at your local concert hotspot. 

Catherine Murphy
Copy Editor Lead

Catherine Murphy is a junior at UCF, majoring in Writing and Rhetoric and minoring in Creative Writing. In her spare time, she likes to act and write creative fiction.

Megan Gonzalez
Copy Editor

Megan Gonzalez is earning an undergraduate degree in Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Political Science. She aspires to work for a publishing house upon graduation. Megan can always be found with a good book.

Kate Porch
Copy Editor

Kate Porch is a creative writing major at UCF. She is an avid reader and writer with a passion for storytelling, and can often be found working on her latest pieces in one of the many boba tea cafes near campus.

Miranda McCann
Marketing Staff Lead

Miranda McCann is a junior at UCF from Atlantic Beach, Florida. She is pursuing a degree in Writing and Rhetoric, as well as a minor in Marketing. Outside of her passion for writing, Miranda loves all things fashion and beauty and hopes to combine both of these passions into a future career.

Alexis Stanley
Marketing Staff

Alexis Stanley is a Writing and Rhetoric major here at UCF with a Journalism minor. Her hobbies are reading, writing, and researching true crime.

Tayler McIntosh
Marketing Staff

Tayler McIntosh is finishing up her bachelor's degree in Writing and Rhetoric with plans to graduate in summer 2020. With her degree, she hopes to work as a content creator remotely and travel the world.

Angela Kafka
Marketing Staff

Angela Kafka is a double major in Writing & Rhetoric and English: Technical Communications. She is from South Florida and currently works with a non-profit based in Downtown Orlando.

Shelly Massre
Social Media Lead & Twitter Coordinator

Shelly Massre is a senior majoring in Human Communications and minoring in Writing and Rhetoric. She loves writing and her main passion is music. One fun fact about her is that she can sing a Russian opera.

Samantha Hannabass
Facebook Coordinator

Samantha Hannabass is a Writing & Rhetoric major minoring in Journalism Studies. She is hoping to become a writer and an editor.

Abigail Turner
Instagram Coordinator

Abigail Turner is studying Writing and Rhetoric at the UCF as well as receiving a minor in Journalism when she graduates in the spring. She grew up in the Midwest, but she moved to Florida to better pursue her passion for writing.


Crystal Tisme
Photographer & Videographer Lead

Crystal Tisme is a freshman at UCF and is working towards being in the journalism program. Her hobbies include reporting on sports, writing, and learning all types of new things.

Jack Barberian
Photographer & Videographer

Jack Barberian is a Writing and Rhetoric major with a minor in Digital Humanities. In his free time, Jack loves running, listening to music, and taking spontaneous road trips.