Hartwell Taylor Davis

Hartwell Taylor Davis, Ed.S.


Paul Davis has an Educational Specialist (Ed.S) degree in teaching and curriculum, and Masters in Management & Leadership, both from Liberty University.  His minors included English and Psychology.  Mr. Davis has additional doctoral studies in Organizational Leadership and Human Resource Management from Regent University, and additional graduate studies in Family Counseling, Business Management, and theology from Columbia International University and Trinity Seminary.

Professor Davis has taught in the central Florida region for several years as an adjunct in writing, business writing, psychology, human resource management, business, and Microsoft Computer applications.  He is MS Office Specialist certified, and has been certified as a training director, with additional certifications in drug and alcohol counseling and certifications in casework management.  For over 10 years, Mr. Davis worked as a juvenile probation officer, drug and alcohol counselor, and in mental health counseling.  He also had a 20 years career in business working for CPA firms and in purchasing and sales management for several large corporations such as General Electric, Brown & Root, Zapata Corporation, Aalborg Industries, and others.  He has been a Director of Training for a major manufacturer and ATD member for several years.

Mr. Davis has published two books and has been published both in the US and England for poetry.  His interest is in both psychology and business leadership, with many of his graduate writings covering subjects in both fields.  Mr. Davis has been in the top 3% of writers for the global website, Academia.edu, with his first book on religious leadership garnering an average of 25 to 30 new readers weekly.  

Mr. Davis is a combat veteran of the Vietnam war, having been awarded the Purple Heart and Army Commendation Medal for service during the war.


  • Ed.S. in Ed.S. Teaching & Curriculum from Liberty University (2010)
  • M.A. in Management & Leadership from Liberty University (2011)
  • M.A. in Ministry & Pastoral Counseling from Trinity Seminary (1982)

Research Interests

Mr. Davis is interested primarily in issues of leadership and management, but also in issues of mental health, psychology, and educational reform.  He is currently working on a book version of a mental health training manual he wrote while a family therapist.  The book is titled, "When Worlds Collide: A Guide to Managing Family Conflict" and is a work in progress.  Writing interest  involving current research is in how writing can be used as a means of catharsis for treating emotional distresses and management of psychological and emotional disorders.

Recent Research Activities

Research and Writings can be found in part at https://hartwelldavis.academia.edu/ or at http://www.hartwelldavis.com

Selected Publications


  • Davis, Hartwell Paul. Restoring the Fivefold Ministry, 2nd Edition: Avoiding the Pastoral Supremacy Syndrome. Meadville, PA: Christian Faith Publishing, 2019. Print
  • Davis, Hartwell Paul. Restoring the Fivefold Ministry: Pastors or Elders for the Church Today. Coral Gables, FL: Llumina Press. 2004. Print.


Book Sections/Chapters

  • Davis, Hartwell Taylor. "The Last Charge". Waves of Wonder: Letters from the Soul Series. Editor Heather Leah Huddleston. Owings Mills, MD: Watermark Press. 2002. Print

Miscellaneous Publications

  • Davis, Hartwell T. P. When Worlds Collide: Conflict Resolution for the Family. Meadville, PA: Libertas Corporation.  1994. Out of print.


Mr. Davis also has for several years been a technology trainer and does part-time work as a web designer and computer training consultant.  During his career as a computer trainer, he has supported and trained numerous small businesses in the use of accounting software such as Quickbooks and Peachtree, taught desktop publishing, trained employees of several companies in Microsoft Office products, and has supported small business clients in software needs.  Mr. Davis  has a technical background, having been an electrical draftsman for NASA's Johnson Space Center, where he did electric schematics for NASA's technical writers.  His business background includes being a North American Account Manager for an electronics manufacturer with major clients such as Lockheed Martin, Seimens, GE, BAE, Raytheon, and military contractors.


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