Full-Time Faculty

Lyman  Brodie Full-Time Faculty
Lyman Brodie
Interim Department Chair
Garrett Arban Full-Time Faculty
Garrett Arban
Interests: Composition theory and pedagogy, digital activism…
Pamela Baker Full-Time Faculty
Pamela Baker
Interests: Composition Theory and Pedagogy, Nonfiction Studies…
Amy J Barnickel Full-Time Faculty
Amy J Barnickel
Interests: Art-making and writing, Gender, feminism, writing…
Melody  Bowdon Full-Time Faculty
Melody Bowdon
Interests: Faculty Development, Technical and Professional Communication…
Martha Catherine Brenckle Full-Time Faculty
Martha Catherine Brenckle
Interests: Queer Theory and FYW, Gender Studies and Feminist Theories…
Matthew  Bryan Full-Time Faculty
Matthew Bryan
Associate Lecturer
Interests: Composition Theory and Pedagogy, Student Publications…
Stuart  Dees Full-Time Faculty
Stuart Dees
Interests: Literacy and textual studies, Writing pedagogy…
Brandy Dieterle Full-Time Faculty
Brandy Dieterle
Interests: gender and identity studies, queer and digital rhetorics…
Dustin W. Edwards Full-Time Faculty
Dustin W. Edwards
Assistant Professor, Director of Grad Programs
Interests: digital and material rhetorics, circulation studies …
Marcy L Galbreath Full-Time Faculty
Marcy L Galbreath

Undergraduate Advisor
Interests: Environmental and agricultural rhetoric, including food discourses and nature writing…
Steffen  Guenzel Full-Time Faculty
Steffen Guenzel
Associate Lecturer
Interests: Writing Across the Curriculum, Writing Center Theory and Practice…
R. Mark  Hall Full-Time Faculty
R. Mark Hall
Professor, Program Director of University Writing Center
Interests: Writing center theory and practice, Tutor education and professional development…
Luann  Henken Full-Time Faculty
Luann Henken
Instructor, Department Scheduler
Jamila Kareem Full-Time Faculty
Jamila Kareem
Assistant Professor
Interests: Critical race theory and writing contexts, Composition studies…
Ian Kay Full-Time Faculty
Ian Kay
Visiting Lecturer
Interests: Interactive Storytelling, Narrative Design, Communication through Design.
Julie Kopp Full-Time Faculty
Julie Kopp
Visiting Instructor
Megan  Lambert Full-Time Faculty
Megan Lambert
Instructor, Composition Coordinator
Interests: Composition theory and pedagogy, writing center research…
Eugene Scott Launier Full-Time Faculty
Eugene Scott Launier
Associate Instructor
Interests: Composition Assessment, Student Peer Assessment…
Joseph D Longhany Full-Time Faculty
Joseph D Longhany
Interests: Literacy development for adolescents and young adults…
Esther Milu Full-Time Faculty
Esther Milu
Assistant Professor
Interests: Language diversity, multilingual pedagogies, translingualism…
Laurie A. Pinkert Full-Time Faculty
Laurie A. Pinkert
Assistant Professor, Director of Undergrad Programs
Interests: Writing program design, administration, and development…
Melissa  Pompos Mansfield Full-Time Faculty
Melissa Pompos Mansfield

Composition Coordinator
Interests: service-learning and higher education, place-based education…
Emily Proulx Full-Time Faculty
Emily Proulx
Visiting Instructor
Interests: Online writing, learning in digital spaces, composition pedagogy…
Adele  Richardson Full-Time Faculty
Adele Richardson
Associate Instructor, Undergraduate Advisor
Interests: Composition Studies, Writing Assessment, Editing/Grammar…
Melissa  Ringfield Full-Time Faculty
Melissa Ringfield
Interests: Identity and ideology in first-year composition…
Kevin  Roozen Full-Time Faculty
Kevin Roozen
Interests: Literate development throughout the lifespan…
Angela R. Rounsaville Full-Time Faculty
Angela R. Rounsaville
Assoc. Professor, Assoc. Dept. Chair, Director of First-Year Composition
Interests: Transnational/Transcultural Literacy, Literacy Studies…
Joel Schneier Full-Time Faculty
Joel Schneier
Interests: Mobile communication and interfacing, process-based methods for writing research…
Blake  Scott Full-Time Faculty
Blake Scott
Interests: Rhetoric of Health & Medicine, Rhetorical History, Theory, & Techne…
Debbie  Weaver Full-Time Faculty
Debbie Weaver
Associate Lecturer, Assistant Director of University Writing Center
Interests: Tutor Education and publishing Imprint, a UCF student run magazine..
Stephanie K Wheeler Full-Time Faculty
Stephanie K Wheeler
Assistant Professor
Interests: Cultural Rhetorics, Disability Studies, Rhetoric of Eugenics…
J. Thomas  Wright Full-Time Faculty
J. Thomas Wright
Interests: Rhetoric of science, especially evolutionary biology…

Part-time Faculty

Hartwell Taylor Davis Part-time Faculty
Hartwell Taylor Davis
Interests: Mr. Davis is interested primarily in issues of leadership and management…
Joy Helmick Ford Part-time Faculty
Joy Helmick Ford
Interests: First-year composition, service learning,  learning through the metaphor of game…

Support Staff

Mariana  Chao Support Staff
Mariana Chao
Administrative Coordinator II
Lindsay Kuznia Support Staff
Lindsay Kuznia
Administrative Coordinator II
Allison LaBine Support Staff
Allison LaBine
Administrative Assistant I