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Graduate Course Registration for Writing & Rhetoric

This is a brief guide on how registration works for the graduate courses in Writing & Rhetoric. As you may be aware, our courses operate on Closed Enrollment. Closed Enrollment operates by essentially making all of our courses appear full or closed to students in MyUCF, setting an individual password for each seat in each course. We set our own enrollment dates and requirements to ensure that all of our students, new and old alike, register at the same time. We also ensure that all of our students have a reasonable window where they can register without competing with students in other programs. Once registration opens (more on this below), you simply email our office (at the address below) for each course you wish to take and then, based on the order we receive requests, we send back the passwords for the seats so that you can register.

The first thing you should do is log into MyUCF and verify your Enrollment Appointment. This is the date the university sets to be the first date you can register for classes. This date is based upon seniority and student status (with students who have been with UCF longer having a time advantage over new students). You may remember a similar setup from your Undergraduate Degree as this setup is the standard across the United States. While you will be unable to use your permission numbers to register before your enrollment appointment, you may secure your numbers (and thus reserve your seat) at any point after the registration dates below. Numbers received before the enrollment appointment occurs will remain active until the student has the opportunity to use them.

New Students

Your first step as new students should be to log into MyUCF and accept your offer of admission. You should also go about registering a Knights-Mail email account. Be sure to do this as soon as possible, as both of these steps ensure you will be properly contacted by offices on campus concerning orientation and financial aid information. As Knights Mail is our official contact address for UCF, after your first semester all official notices will go to this account, so be sure to set it up as soon as possible and check it regularly.

Course Offerings Resources

As our courses are now being offered through both the Department of English and the Department of Writing and Rhetoric, there are two different websites to review for the total schedule of courses. Depending on your track, you may need to check both websites for a total listing of courses offered (this is especially true for Rhetoric and Composition, Technical Communication, and the Professional Writing Certificate). Be mindful that you will need to sort the schedules by semester in order to see the full range of courses offered.

Course Descriptions will be available as we approach the beginning of the semester. To see the course descriptions, you now have to click on the magnifying glass to the far left of the chart. As syllabi are submitted you will also be able to access those on the far right of the chart.

Suggested Courses

While we do not list out the suggested courses for each track on this page, we encourage all students to contact their advisors as soon as possible to go over what courses are best for them to take each semester. Advising appointments are also available for all programs and tracks. For your convenience all contacts and the advisors for our Degree Seeking programs are listed below:

To schedule a meeting in person or virtually, please contact the appropriate person below.

Professional Writing Certificate

Natasha Jones

Rhetoric and Composition M.A.

Natasha Jones

Registration Dates, Contacts, and Format


Registration will open for all English and Writing & Rhetoric Department programs (English M.A., Rhetoric and Composition M.A., Creative Writing M.F.A., Professional Writing Certificate, and Texts & Technology Ph.D.) at the first date listed below. All students outside of our programs will be able to register for our courses on the non-program registration date. Students who are UCF or State employees may still request seats on the corresponding dates below, and check the UCF Calendar for their official registration dates.

As with previous semesters, not registering as soon as possible may result in the classes you are seeking becoming full, so register as soon as possible to avoid the waiting lists. Keep in mind that all requests sent before the appropriate deadline will be ignored.

Summer and Fall 2018 In-Program Registration Opens: Monday, March 26th, 2018
Spring 2018 Non-Program Registration Opens: Monday, April 9th, 2018

Format and Contacts

All course requests should go to the appropriate office hosting the course. You can identify who hosts the course by looking at the course offerings websites. Course requests should contain the course name, number, and instructor name (example given below). Keep in mind that a full-time course load is 9 credit hours (3 classes) during Fall/Spring and 6 credit hours (2 classes) during Summer.

Student Name: Jonathan Doe
Student Tack: Ph.D. in Awesome
Course Info: Awesome Course for Cool People - AWE 6262 - Dr. Jane Doe

Seats in our courses will be assigned in the order we receive your course requests based upon your email timestamp. Should a course fill before your request is received you will be placed upon the waiting list for the course.

All permission number requests for Writing & Rhetoric Courses must go to Stephanie LiVigni.

All permission number requests for English Courses must contact Ethan Watford.

Any requests sent to the wrong address may be forwarded, but your timestamp will be based upon the time of the forwarding.

Additional Requirements for Non-Degree and Non-Program Students

The Departments of English and Writing & Rhetoric place students that are enrolled with the university as Non-Degree Seeking or Non-Program (in the six programs listed above) as holding secondary priority to our courses. This is done to ensure those accepted to our programs have priority for the courses needed for their program of study. We also require instructor permission, received via email, for all students classified as Non-Degree or Non-Program to ensure they are able to keep up with the coursework in the classes they desire. Students seeking to enroll as Non-Degree or Non-Program should follow the following order:

  1. Decide which courses you want to take at least one month before registration begins.
  2. Contact the instructor teaching the course via their university email requesting permission to enroll. This email should contain a brief excerpt about why you wish to take the course, your academic goals, and how it will benefit your studies. You should also cc the registration person for the course department (Ethan Watfordfor English or Stephanie LiVigni for Writing & Rhetoric) to ensure we have record of your request.
  3. Once permission is acquired, forward that email response to the registration email address.

Course permission can be obtained at any time, and we strongly suggest doing so before registration. You will still need to send your course requests once registration opens in order to receive a permission number, but should no instructor permission email be on record you will not be issued a number. Ultimate decisions for admitting Non-Degree and Non-Program Student lie with the instructor of the course, and should an instructor refuse permission to enter a course there are no appeals or overrides.

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