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B.A. in Writing & Rhetoric

Invent, Engage, Transform.

What Does the Major Cover?

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing & Rhetoric provides students with an in-depth training in writing, rhetorical, and literacy studies, preparing them for a range of writing-focused jobs that involve the analysis, creation, editing, and coordination of texts, including digital and multimedia ones. In addition to preparing students for graduate/professional study and jobs across a variety of sectors (e.g., publishing and media, education, healthcare, marketing and public relations, entertainment and hospitality, civic organizations), the major prepares students to be more effective and ethical citizen-communicators.

Key Requirements

  • 36 total hours, 6 of which can come from writing-intensive courses in other departments;
  • Three core courses about writing and rhetoric in civic, professional, and academic contexts;
  • A writing internship or other practicum course;
  • A capstone course in which students complete their e-portfolios, synthesize their learning, and conduct research about job opportunities.

What else can students expect?

  • Almost all courses in the major are capped at 25 students;
  • The major’s flexible requirements enable students to create a number of pathways through the program;
  • Students in the major are engaged by talented, experienced, and accessible teachers and advisors.

Anyone interested in learning more about the major should email writingandrhetoric@ucf.edu to request an advising appointment.

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More Information

For more information or to set up an advising appointment, contact:

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