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Snapshots of Writing and Rhetoric Impact Projects

“Knowledge Shaping” at the CCCC 2016 Action Hub

UCF and Purdue graduate students and faculty will staff tables in the “Action Hub” at CCCC 2016. Attendees can drop by during scheduled hours to consider how to share messages about research from our field with a wider audience. Attendees will work with facilitators to, first, use a heuristic that asks them who the stakeholders are for this research-based issue and, second, design messages about the issue for those stakeholders using a variety of modes and media. Prior to the event, facilitators will use social media and other means to encourage attendees to “Pack Their Bags for CCCC” and prepare for this activity. UCF faculty and grad students involved in this project piloted the idea as a “WPA PSA Project” in the graduate WPA Seminar in Spring 2015.

Participants from UCF:
Somaily Nieves, Emily Prouxl, Garrett Arban, Justiss Wilder, Megan Lambert, Elizabeth Wardle

Participants from Purdue:
Purdue: Beth Towle, Jeff Gerding, Nawwaf Alzhami, Patrick Love, Sherri Craig, Bradley Dilger

Research on Facebook profile pictures and “Safety Check” app

In the wake of terrorist attacks on Paris (as well as other countries facing civil or military unrest and attacks), the world has questioned what to do next and how to best show support. Facebook recently offered two initiatives meant to show support in times of disaster or attack: the Safety Check app (unveiled in October 2014) and the ability to change profile pictures easily (such as to a blue-white-and-red flag in support of Paris). The media has offered critiques of these options in Facebook, questioning what the impact(s) of such actions might be.

Stephanie Vie was interviewed by media sources ResearchGate, Inverse, and HerCampus regarding these developments in November of 2015.

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