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Everyday life in the 21st century involves composing and understanding complex messages in multiple media and in varied contexts. In order to address challenges related to composing, rhetoric, and literacy in school, workplace, civic, and community settings, Department of Writing and Rhetoric (DWR) faculty engage in innovative research and teaching, often collaborating with students as well as community and campus partners to undertake this work. Additionally, as a department, we provide academic and public leadership on writing-related issues. Further explanation of our work and its impact can be found here: Snapshots of Writing and Rhetoric Impact Projects

Students in our undergraduate and graduate programs receive a comprehensive education in writing and rhetoric that enables them to communicate effectively, persuasively, and ethically across a range of civic, professional, and educational contexts.

We enact our mission through a number of programs:

  1. First-Year Composition
  2. A B.A. in Writing and Rhetoric, Minor in Writing and Rhetoric, and Certificate in Public and Professional Writing
  3. A Master's of Arts Program in Rhetoric and Composition and a Professional Writing Graduate Certificate
  4. Writing Across the Curriculum
  5. The University Writing Center


January 6, 2016

photoThe University Writing Center was used as a model for Orange County's first middle school writing center at Glenridge Middle School. The UWC Director, R. Mark Hall, was a consultant on the school-wide writing initiative. [Read More]

September 23, 2015

photoR. Mark Hall has been awarded the 2015 Faculty/Staff Diversity and Inclusion Impact Award by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. He was nominated by Mary Tripp and Mariana Chao for his sustained efforts to help Writing Center consultants at the University Writing Center consider issues of language and diversity in their consulting practices and daily interactions. [Read More]

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Recent Faculty Publications

Laurie A. Pinkert

“Developing Accounts of Instructor Learning: Recognizing the Impacts of Service-Learning Pedagogies on Writing Teachers.” With Kendall Leon and Kathryn Trauth Taylor. Composition Studies 45.1. (forthcoming Spring 2017)

Laurie A. Pinkert

“Toward More than Instruction: Preliminary Results of a Survey of Graduate Writing Courses” in Graduate Writing Across the Disciplines: Identifying, Teaching, and Supporting, Eds.  Elena Garcia, Katie Manthey, Marilee Brooks Gilles, Soo Hyon Kim, Trixie G. Smith (forthcoming 2016)

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